Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wingman sc001

rough animation i keyed last night and in-betweened today! i have to finish in-betweening the end of it and animate rashmi instead of just having her poses, but more or less, it's one of the scenes i have to show in my mentor meeting on friday. enjoy :) critique is very much appreciated!


  1. It looks really good!

    My only feedback (you asked for it) would be regarding his eye movement. When he first notices the girl, he rolls his eyes along the bottom of his eyelid - and then does a take as he sees her. Based on his current mood, as well as how our eyes move, I would probably turn that into a few eye darts. Not only is that roll something we can't do, but it also seems... almost too upbeat a motion for his current state of mind.

    I think you could create more time between his depressed gaze screen left, and his observation of the girl, to really let his emotional state sink in. And when he does look screen right, have the eyes dart lazilly to get there. That would contrast even more with the take he does.

    Of course I don't know what's taking place before or after this shot, so I could be way off base.

    But that's what I would do anyway :)
    Take what you will from it! Good luck on the film!

  2. thanks for the feedback!

    though, i disagree with you regarding the eye-roll along the bottom of his eyelid. we're perfectly capable of rolling our eyes like that (though it's not an easy/conscious thing to do), and for a character like mort, the eye-dart seems a bit out of character. i associate eye-darting with a nervous and skitterish type of character, so i'm thinking that instead of rolling the pupil along the bottom of the eyelid, i'll move it right across the eye., maybe a bit slower and lazier, like you mentioned.

    (addendum -- while animation clearly isn't my strongest skill, having cheats like the eye rolling along the bottom of the lid is something most animators can get away with. though, of course, there is a varying degree of "cheats" that may start to look off/awkward, but i digress!)

    again, the timing is pretty rough on this, and i might have to tweak it anyway to get the whole film under one minute, but what you said is most appreciated. :)

  3. EMILY CHOI: You are so cool. Remaining my hero for always <3