Thursday, November 25, 2010


i am intensely jealous of those who can colour on photoshop. it's a skill i (obviously) don't possess :(

in your heaaaaa-ayayaed


The Walking Dead. and Harry Pottah, which I have never done fanart of despite being a fan of the books and movies... And i don't think I ever will do serious fanart. Just stupidity, or gross things.

mmm look at those beauties up there.
first up there is me!! i'm missing an arm because val tore it off and infected me. baww...

second is... some zombie girl.... some funny backstory on her that i can't share here :P

and last but not least, the last picture is my "Mommy", Val, whose sweet blog you can check out here:

More zombies coming soon, and also other sketches i've been doing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some stuff

School.... busy as usual! But fortunately I always have time to doodle. it's nice to be able to do my own ugly little drawings once in a while!

I have a lot more cute art-things but here's just a few for now. :)