Wednesday, March 23, 2011

life drawing

I have discovered that china marker (grease pencil) is amazing on smooth newsprint paper. It works well with my personal style, way more than conte ever could.

I usually hate life drawing and it's one of my least favourite classes, so I hope to go to extra life more to improve and feel better about it. Now we're doing fun things like costumes so I think I enjoy it a bit more!


  1. I used to find life drawing boring sometimes, too, until I decided to use color markers instead of pencils. My teacher hated me for it, but it was way more fun than the dull gray HB's we were forced to use.
    I prefer using smooth tools for life drawing, too. :) I'll probably be looking for china markers in the future~

  2. Emily! ur killing it! keep up with it :D
    these are super! good :D